Jeff Murray, K1NSS

Staff Cartoonist

Jeff Murray, K1NSS - K9YA Telegraph cartoonist

Jeff has been drawing cartoons, writing nonsense and playing radio on and off since the 1950s, when he received a Remco Toy radio station for Christmas. Against all odds, he stayed in school and later kept his day jobs until retirement in 2008.

He wasn’t always a ham radio cartoonist, but as a kid dreamed about becoming one and loved Phil “Gil” Gildersleeve’s QST cartoons every bit as much as those in Mad magazine and later ZAP Comix.

During the 1980s and earlier 90s, Jeff’s non-ham toons appeared in alternative weeklies like the New York Press, Baltimore City Paper and San Diego Reader.

Jeff created his Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham character in the 21st century and has looked ahead and back since, scribbling web comics and graphic radio memoirs.

Jeff enjoys phone contests and occasional CW ragchews. He also creates ham graphics and custom QSL cards as K1NSS Design.

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