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Author's Guide | K9YA TelegraphDo you have an interesting ham radio story to tell? Do you want to report an operating event or club activity, illustrate a technique, recount a memory of the "Golden Age of amateur radio,” describe a construction project, or express an opinion? If so, the K9YA Telegraph invites you to share it with an elite group of interested and active Hams worldwide.

Not sure of your writing skills? Not to worry, the Telegraph’s staff will edit your manuscript; the important thing is to get your story out there. When possible, and appropriate, photograph(s) and captions to accompany your article significantly enhance content.

The K9YA Telegraph runs new—never before published articles, images and cartoons.

Your Shack - Your Photo is Worth a Thousand Words

Remember Popular Electronics and Electronics Illustrated magazines? Remember the photographs of shacks that were a part of every issue? How about those SWL and Novice shacks that included a few small household appliances to bloat the viewing experience?

The K9YA Telegraph requests descriptions and photographs of you and your shack: today’s shack or yesteryear’s shack — toasters, Osterizers and steam irons optional.

First QSO - Be Your Own Amateur Radio Biographer

The K9YA Telegraph invites you to submit your ham radio story. What events led you to our service? What path did you follow to earn your license; was it bumpy or smooth? Tell us about your first QSO, whether a half century ago, or last week; was it an exercise in blood, sweat and tears or a romp in the ether. Are you a retread? If so, what brought you back into the fold?

Share your experience and photographs with the K9YA Telegraph community.

Ham Radio Entrepreneurs

Do you own and operate a small ham radio business? If so, we want your story. Tell us your background, how you got started and why you went into business.


Would you like your ham radio product reviewed in the K9YA Telegraph? Contact us for details.

My Elmer

Here's your chance to tell the world about your Elmer.


Honor a silent key.

Favorite Key

Tell us about your favorite key, bug or paddle.

Book Review

Write a review of a ham radio (or related topic) book.

Attention Old Timers and Old, Old Timers

What was so good about "The Good Old Days?" The K9YA Telegraph wants your stories about the golden age of amateur radio.

Seeking WWII and Korean War Radio Operators

The K9YA Telegraph seeks to record the wartime experiences of WWII and Korean War radio operators, both military and civilian.

The Robert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club recognizes and honors the gallantry of those men and women who courageously served their country at war and who contributed mightily to the Allied victory.

Collected stories will be archived and available at the K9YA Web site and selected stories will be printed in the K9YA Telegraph e-Zine.

If you are a WWII or Korean War radio operator or the relative of a veteran operator and you wish to share your wartime experience with the worldwide amateur radio community, please forward your story with appropriate photographs to us as directed below.

The K9YA Telegraph especially seeks the stories of radio operators who were hams before the war and those who became hams following their wartime service.


Please e-mail your original article, each page runs 500-600 words, in one of these formats: TXT, RTF, DOC or within the body of an e-mail.

Send photos and graphics as separate files, do not embed them within the document. Send image files uncropped and as large as possible in raw, unaltered format. Acceptable formats are: TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PSD, PNG, CPT Images and supporting documents may also be snail mailed, if necessary.

Include captions for all images and illustrations.

Please supply your name and call sign (if any).

E-mail your original, previously unpublished article (or questions) to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Submit your original material to only one potential publisher at a time. Our policy is to reject any submission that has been sent simultaneously to other publications. Multiple submissions may lead to copyright infringement issues for publishers.