Amateur Radio/Electronics Video Channels

K9YA Telegraph subscribers have suggested the following video channels.

Note: The views and opinions expressed on any channel are those of the producers and/or the persons appearing on the channel and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the K9YA Telegraph and its staff.

  • AvE: Power tool teardowns, metal shop techniques and get-a-load-of-this experiments. Salty language, so NSFW or tender ears.

  • Bandersentv: Perfectionist, painstaking, detailed vintage television and radio restorations. Makes them like new and often better than new.

  • Bigclive: UK-based professional lighting technician. Potpourri of fun and occasionally useful electronic gadgets dismantled and circuits analyzed. Some emphasis, as expected, on lights and theatrical special effects machinery.

  • Buzz1151: A different take on meticulous and ingenious electronics restoration, educational, fascinating and fun.

  • D-Lab Electronics: Terry Dayton, N6TLU, repairs boatanchor gear and tube guitar amplifiers. Entertaining and informative.
  • EEV: Australian Dave Jones' channel with a deservedly huge subscriber base. He shares a wide swath of electronics knowledge including commercial manufacturing techniques and considerations. Renowned for his many and thorough test gear reviews and teardowns.

  • Farmradio: New England-based, primarily radio and TV repair with some vehicle, commercial audio and home repairs adding to the mix. 

  • Glasslinger: Antique and vintage radio, television and test gear restoration. Makes his own vacuum tubes, 'nuff said.

  • Jeff Tranter: Wide variety of electronics gear showcased including home entertainment, amateur radio, test gear and, joyfully, much Heathkit.

  • John Ward: UK-based electrician offers descriptions of mains circuits and equipment from a 240-volt point of view. 

  • Julian Ilett: UK-based inveterate tinkerer with an emphasis on solar power, batteries, buck/boost circuitry and a seemingly endless supply of fanciful and useful Chinese widgets.

  • Kevin Loughin: KB9RLW, eclectic amateur radio: operation, modes, QRP, repairs, kits, antenna construction and now on the road in his RV.

  • Mr Carlson's Lab: Precision, intricate repair of test gear, vintage domestic receivers and ham gear. Detailed technical discussions enhance the channel's value.

  • NG9D: Ham Radio Kits and Morse Code Fun: "All it takes is a soldering iron and a dream."
  • Norman Field: The UK-based channel's host shares his vast knowledge, theoretical and practical, of antique and vintage gramophones, wireless, instrumentation, amateur radio and more in a friendly and welcoming environment.
  • Radiotvphononut: Channel's host repairs radios, TVs and phonographs–natch. Some emphasis on record changer repairs and maintenance. 

  • Shango066: Peripatetic host travels far and wide to acquire items for repair. Mainly TVs from the 1950s onward, but also radios. Coverage of his Field Day activities, are a bonus as are his abandoned mine and urban explorations. An intrepid host! 

  • w2aew: Host shares his vast range of expertise as he demonstrates test gear, makes repairs and builds circuits. All reinforced with design and theory explanations.