Bob Ballantine, W8SU SK

Contributing Author

Bob Ballantine, W8SUW8SU QSL cardI hail from McKeesport–Clairton, Pa., my emergence in 1941 in the midst of iron and steel factories, baptized 7 December 1941 - That day of Infamy. Eventually claimed Cambridge, Ohio as a young teen appreciative to my grandparents for putting up with my radio game.

First ticket with able help at Trenton High School, Trenton N.J., WN2RIE in 1957. My first QSL card was pink, from the RI at Grand Island, Nebr. Then, at age 17, USCG Cape May N.J. that lasted eight years as a Radioman. Then 25-years credit in the Ohio State Highway Patrol Communications Section. ZUT (USCG acronym meaning CW Forever!)

A thought, sharing a few minutes on the key can bring solace, great friends and fond memories. In retirement I try to write a tribute or share a memory by print which makes my day. I'm far from perfect, but I appreciate the K9YA Telegraph for bearing with me. Put it on paper, someone will enjoy it.

ZUT from W8SU