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As a young child I used a radio to search for different kinds of music. I soon became interested in copying far off stations. Many of them, like WSM in Nashville, TN, carried interesting music programs, such as the Grand ole Opry. Later, shortwave radio brought the BBC and classical music to my ears. Eventually I met a fellow Boy Scout who said that he used a radio to actually talk to other stations. I was hooked. Though as a young man trying to erect an antenna on the roof of a rented apartment building I was easily thwarted by some guy in a suit saying, "Iím sorry, but our insurance wont allow it." My hamming came to a screeching halt from 1963 till 1985.

When I got out of the Navy, where I copied Morse code (CW) on a typewriter till my ears turned funny colors, I pursued my music career (under the name of Mick Scott) not wanting to hear another Dit or Dah ever again, but I kept running into other musicians who were into radio as well. I broke down and got back into ham radio in 1985 as KA9ULW and later, N9GBY (Guitar Banginí Yankee). I passed my Extra class test in 1989, and have held the callsign WK9O since then.

The sound of CW coursing through the ether is still something that I get a kick out of, especially when its coming from DX (stations in far off countries).

I have participated in Emergency Communications and traffic handling in Maritime SOS alerts, floods, traffic accidents, and during "Operation Desert Storm" handled messages of a "health and welfare" nature from servicemen overseas.

I enjoy spreading "Radio Germs" and have written various articles including my column Mickís Ham Bandstand for several club newsletters.

My travels in the music biz have enabled me to operate mobile from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Nantucket, Massachusetts. I especially enjoy operating from rare counties and can be found giving out contacts is some of the State QSO parties in the Midwest (namely IL, and WI, but possibly IN and OH as well).

I have also written songs of a humorous nature about Ham Radio and may some day release them on CD.

I also enjoy camping, hiking, and am somewhat of a Civil War book junkie.

CU on CW,

Herb Scarpelli, WK9O

Amateur Radio Club Affiliations:

A-1 OP  |  FISTS CW Club 5951  |  HHH322  |  GERATOL 1646  |  OMISS 2396

Operating Awards:

Tennessee QSO Party  Illinois QSO Party (2)  ARRL January VHF Contest

WAS-CW  |  WAS-SSB  |  WAS 75-meters Extra Class

WAC-CW  WAC-SSB  295 DX entities confirmed (DXCC pending)

3905 Century Club Awards:

NCS Award  |  Certificate of Appreciation  |  160m SSB- 253  |  80m CW 34

WAS 2  |  75m SSB 1468  |  1K-253  |  2K-64  |  Nite Owl-72  Alphabet Soup-60

Cert Hunter-39  | 40 CW-2 WAS 7  |  40 SSB-1032  |  20m CW (pending)

Other Operations:

Formerly Navy MARS NNN0RAU  |  ARRL ORS  |  ARRL VEC  |  Member SATERN Net

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bulletRobert F. Heytow Memorial Radio Club
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