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Grosse Point Lighthouse Special Event Station

Evanston, Illinois


On August 5, 2001, Metro Amateur Radio Club (MAC) conducted a Special Event at Grosse Point Lighthouse in Evanston, Illinois. The event was dedicated to Bob Heytow, K9YA SK, an active member of MAC. Metro Amateur Radio Club was successful in acquiring the special 1 x 1 callsign, K9Y for the event.

Bob was a 31-year veteran of the the Evanston Police Department earning the rank of Lieutenant. This event was attended by Evanston Police Chief Frank Kaminski and Sergeant Timothy Schoolmaster. Also in attendance was Bob's brother Dick Heytow, K9YAZ, and many of his ham radio friends. Below are some pictures of the event.


Herb, WK9O (left); Philip, K9PL (right)

Herb, WK9O (left); Philip, K9PL (right)

The K9Y Special Event Team

Tom, W9TTY

Arny, W9FO, operating SSB

Arny, W9FO, operating SSB

Elevated Multi-band Vertical Antenna

Elevated Multi-band Vertical Antenna

Mike, N9BOR, making contact with Bob's J-38 Straight-key

Metro Amateur Radio Club banner

Pete, W9RMB, overlooking SSB operation

A lull in the operation.

On the shore of Lake Michigan.

Action shot.

Mike, N9BOR (left); Philip, K9PL (right)

Mike, N9BOR

"Chicks Dig Morse code"

K9Y - Special Event Team

Herb, WK9O

Grosse Point Lighthouse (USA-359), Evanston, IL USA

Elevated Multi-band Vertical Antenna

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Photos by N9BOR and N9WAT.


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